Out now on Lion Music

Debut instrumental solo album from Danish guitarist and mastermind of Infinity Overture one Niels Vejlyt.  As is nearly always the norm for this sort of thing from Lion Music we get highly competent playing over listenable songs.

With a heavier edge than many of ilk, no doubt aided by Vejlyt’s penchant for 7 and 8 string guitars, this is a nice offering for anyone into similar works from the likes of Jeff Loomis or John Petrucci.  Tracks like “Die Today”, “Rain” and particularly “Samurai” are solid compositions with good melodies and a good sense of direction – no aimless fretboard wanking here.

In addition there are moments of lighter note such as the anthemic Vai-esque timbres of “Head’s Up” (the clue to the Vai influence being in the title perhaps?) and the piano/guitar balladry of “Kajsa” whilst closing number, the 9 minute “Winter” sums up the various moods of the album in one composition rather nicely.

With a better production than many heard of late and a nice mix from Tommy Hansen (Helloween) this is a very solid package indeed and a nice addition to any fan of guitar instrumentals collection – cool artwork too by Matthias Noren.

Rating – 84%