Purveyors of some of the finest blues and boogie rock of the 1970’s the band fell on hard times during the 80’s before ceasing to exist until reforming in the early 90’s. Death’s of a brace of founding members in ‘Lonesome’ Dave Peverett and Rod ‘The Bottle’ Price left original drummer Rod Price with a dilemma. The decision was continue and in came lead guitarist Bryan Bassett who was recommended by Peverett prior to his death and new vocalist/rhythm guitarist Charlie Huhn. Since then the band have been giving it a good go almost endlessly on the road (sadly only in the US for us European fans) with on/off bassist Craig Macgregor in addition to having delivered the solid studio album ‘Family Joules’ and the great live album ‘Live II’ both of which have been warmly received by fans and indeed us here at V1.

Now the band have returned to their roots to deliver the first “blues” album of the bands career in “Last Train Home”. Whilst this might be labelled as new, fans of the bands classic output know the blues is the heart of soul of Foghat driving tunes and the material on offer here (covers) is performed flawlessly, authentically and with great enthusiasm, it the aural equivcalent of a comfy pair of well worn jeans, the jeans that still look cool despite the wear and tear. Essentially Foghat have come full circle, and this is sure to please fans of the bands classic 70’s output as well as hopefully introduce some youngsters to the bands brand of rock, the album sounds great too.

After nearly 40 years in the game Foghat sound fresh and revitalised on “Last Train Home” and anyone with a passing penchant for blues rock needs this gem in their collection.

Rating – 90%