Out now on Lion Music.

Second album from the Finn progressive metallers Status Minor.  Their debut Dialog was a very solid opening gambit and Ouroboros steps up the quality further. 

On the darker side of the prog metal spectrum, Status Minor kick some sizeable ass with openers The Wind and Hollow.  Both of which contain chunky riffs, impressive drum work and some fine melodies from vocalist Markku Kuikka and the album follows a similar pattern throughout.

Ouroboros is arguably a more accessible album that its predecessor with the likes of the excellent, and contender for album highlight Glass Wall packing a strong commercial punch. In fact fans of label mates Seventh Wonder would find much to enjoy throughout this track and indeed the album in general.

Like A Dream and Confidence Of Trust (guest lead vocals by Anna Murphy of Eluveitie) offers up a couple of moments of relative calm before the 6 minute Stain showcases the multi-faceted Status Minor sound rather nicely.  Smile is pissed off and angry before Flowers Die might be a little too plodding in nature for some incomparison and one track I could live withouth. 

The other contender for album highlight comes in the 10 minute progressive treat that is Sail Away, which I could see appealing to fans of Metallica and Dream Theater’s earlier classic work in equal measures with its tight riff work, flamboyant delivery and all round high quality making it a track worthy of your time.  And just when you think the band might end on a soft note Verge Of Sanity serves up more crushing riffs over an array of dizzying time signatures and more fine vocals from Kuikka.

Ouroboros is a nice build on the bands debut, and hopefully one that will see the band catch a little more attention from fans of the genre as Status Minor serve up high quality progressive metal with enough of an original take on the genre to stand their own ground.


Rating – 90%