Released 18th November 2011 on AFM Records

Sixth album from German metal outfit Iron Savior who show no signs of let up in their approach some four years on from their last offering ‘Megatropolis’.

Big riffs collide with chanty anthemic choruses with nary a let in pace throughout.  Vocalist Piet Sielck may well sound like the love child of Chris DeBurgh and Blackie Lawless but oddly it works over the enjoyable music, blaring out the speakers with military precision.

The aforementioned Sielck also forms a formidable guitar duo with Joachim “Piesel” Küstner who work up quite a sweat throughout but particularly on the likes of “The Saviour”, “March Of Doom” and “Faster Than All” with their fast tempos.

More mid-tempo waters are visited on the Accept like timbres of “Heavy Metal Never Dies” (you can envisage the front row head banging in unison here) whilst “Hall Of The Heroes” has an early Queensryche appeal to it and is arguably the highlight.  “R.U. Ready” could be seen as a little naff in the lyrics department telling the story of heavy metal (proving that bands do indeed still sing about this sort of thing!) but its infectious riff will draw you in.

The album slows for one power ballad “Before The Pain” which is rather forgettable before “No Guts No Glory” sees the album out in stronger style.

Clocking in at 47 minutes “The Landing” certainly doesn’t outstay its welcome and is an enjoyable slice of honest rocking metal and comes recommended for further investigation.

Rating – 84%