Out now on SPV/Steamhammer

I’m not familiar with Glyder’s earlier output. I’ve heard them touted as the second coming of Thin Lizzy on several occasions. Well, they must have changed their tune quite a bit then, because there’s little to no Lizzy on this album…

Sure, the music has that seventies, British hard rocking vibe. It’s exciting, upbeat and surprisingly heavy in places. There’s even a slightly punkish edge to some songs, like the kicking “Fade To Dust”. For some reason, I’m thinking “Gillan” while listening to this album. Only with better songs and a completely different singer (more in the vein of John Sykes, actually). The guitar playing is of the meat and potatoes variety. Solos that fit the tunes, but nothing that will make you look up and go wow. The poppy “Something She Knows” is as close as it gets to Lizzy.

A rough and ready hard rocking album. Simple as that.

Rating – 76%
Review by Sancho