Released 25th March 2011 on Frontiers Records

2008’s “Good To Be Bad” marked the return of Whitesnake as a force to be reckoned with.  Flawed in places, it nevertheless put Whitesnake back on the map as a valid hard rock band.  2011 brings the official follow up. “Forevermore” is the band’s debut for Frontiers Records.

From the opening salvo of “Steal Your Heart Away” the stage is set. There’s hints of older Whitesnake (not in the least because of the slide guitar that can’t help but bring to mind Micky Moody), there’s obvious links to the band’s commercial peak and there’s even references to the Coverdale/Page album.

First single “Love Will Set You Free” would not have been out of place on 1987. Neither would “Dogs In The Street” for that matter. “Tell Me How” adds a modern touch while retaining the classic foundation. The fans of old Whitesnake will be well served by “Love And Treat Me Right”.  The title track closes the album on an epic yet subdued note.

With a running time of an hour, the album borders on too long but they just about get away with it. The guitar tag team of Aldrich/Beach delivers as expected, backed up by the mighty Brian Tichy on drums. It’s no news that Coverdale’s voice has suffered over the years. “Easier Said Than Done” or “Fare Thee Well” are still guaranteed to get the ladies swooning though. He seems to have a better grasp of what his voice can handle compared to “Good To Be Bad”. Production is a lot better than it was on its predecessor even if there’s still a tendency towards artificial heaviness.

Overall a fine return to form.

Rating – 90%
Review by rough an’ ready Sancho.