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After an enjoyable debut the super group comprising Sammy Hagar, Joe Satriani, Michael Anthony and Chad Smith skip straight past the difficult second album in favour of III.

More focused, more fun and more streamlined than the debut this is an enjoyable romp from start to finish.  Hagar’s voice is in fine fettle, Satriani’s tone is much improved over the debut and the rhythm section cooks over this collection of groove laden tracks.

Straight ahead for the most part, this is a good time record, straight up good time hard rock, full of cock sure radio appeal yet with the odd darker moment for contrast; like ballad “Come Closer” and the social economic commentary of “Three And A Half Letters”. There is very little to dislike except for the fact they make it seem too damn easy.

If you liked the debut you will like this more.

Rating – 90%


It is incomprehensible how Joe Satriani can continue to mine the depths of his soul and pull out magnificent riffs and melodies. For that fact alone, Joe must be recognized as one of the geniuses of our time. After his eighteen month Chickenfoot hiatus wherein Joe was able to step back, enjoy typical band life and not have the 24/7 task of being “the man”, Joe returns with a complex masterful product on this latest effort. Many feel this is Joe’s strongest release since “Crystal Planet”, they are not wrong.

The album is replete with soaring melody, intricate counterpoint, lyrical chorus and damned fine guitar work. Highlights? The whole album is excellent, there is something for everyone. Newcomers Alan Whitman and particularly Mike Keneally, the crafty veteran help churn this along very nicely indeed. Kudos to Joe for landing Mike, the music takes a quantum leap high up into the stratosphere from the rootsy depths of Chickenfoot to soar majestically. How cool would it be in a live setting to have Joe and Mike swap instruments? Guys, it is doable. Jeff Campitelli, as always, is crisp, concise and powerful but one cannot help but wonder what a Simon Phillips may have done with these tunes.

The band is currently touring this release and the album and the live show are both well worth your time and dosh. Joe, if there are more like this to come, by all means unleash your magical musical palette upon us yet again. Well done, well done indeed….

Rating – 90%
Review by Mike “Flying In A Canuck Dream” Blackburn