Released 25 January 2013 on Frontiers

Pink Cream 69 can usually be relied upon to deliver a solid hard rocking album.  On their new album they do just that. While some “modern rock” influences are noticeable in a couple of tunes, there’s been no effort to go Nickleback or Stonesour on us.

The style of this album isn’t too different from Jeff Scott Soto’s rock oriented material. Groovy hard rock with plenty of attention to melodies, harmonies and the odd funky moment. That being said, PC69 do have more of a metallic edge than Soto.

PC bass player Denis Ward is a sought after producer, so it comes as no surprise that this album sounds excellent. Long serving guitar player Alfred Koffler dishes up plenty of tasty guitar work.  If ever a band benefited from a lineup change, it’s them. Replacing Andy Deris (who went to Helloween) with the amazing David Readman was nothing short of a masterstroke.

While not all the songs are equally strong (particularly on the second half of the album), there’s plenty to enjoy here.

Rating – 83%
Review by Sancho