Out now on Mascot Records

Marco Mendoza, bass player to the stars, has found the time to produce his second solo album “Casa Mendoza”.  It’s an eclectic mix of funk, rock, fusion, latin etc garnished with lots of shreddy guitar and keyboard solos.

Opening track “Living In The City”, a Stevie Wonder tune, wouldn’t be out of place on an older Chili Peppers album. It all just gets funkier along the way… Ballad “You” could be rather nice but then they go all Carlos on us.

If you know Mendoza from his work with Whitesnake, Ted Nugent or Thin Lizzy, you’d probably better give this album a listen before buying. Rock is not the main ingredient in Marco’s mix.
This album reminds me of a mix of Glenn Hughes’ more adventurous funk material with Santana. But less accessible.

A difficult album to rate. As a rock album, it scores about 20. From another viewpoint you could rate it anything up to 80. Which leaves an average score of …

Rating – 50%
Review by Sancho.