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It doesn’t get any more old school than Swedish band Lechery. Their second album “In Fire” sounds like it was caught in a time capsule and brought to us straight from 1984. The band sounds very German, from the vocals (Rock n Rolf with the occasional hint of Udo) to the plodding drums.

Formed around ex Arch Enemy bassist Martin Bengtsson, who has switched to guitars and vocals, the three piece lineup is quite competent. No, he isn’t the next coming of Dio, but the man stands his ground. Nothing to be ashamed of in the guitar playing either.

The rhythm section is solid and reliable, if fairly anonymous.No proggy excursions, but solid meat and potatoes heavy metal. You could compare them to Grand Magus’ more recent offerings, only even more traditional.

There is undeniably a sense of nostalgia about the band. If you were around in the early eighties, this album will provide a blast from the past. How can you not like a song that’s called “Heart Of A Metal Virgin”?

Thoroughly enjoyable.

Rating – 83%
Review by Sancho



Out Now – AFM Records

Proggy melodic metal with a really lame grunt. That about sums up Made Of Hate’s new opus.

 Instrumentally, there’s a lot to like. The songs are varied, the musicians competent. Everything is ruined however by the discount grunt of singer Radek. Imagine a more melodic version of Arch Enemy with a kind of hardcore grunt. A choice excerpt of the biography : Radek’s voice and his singing is unique and absolutely brilliant! Unique? Hardly. Brilliant? Not even remotely.

 For the instrumental part of the album : 75% (with better production they’d have reached 80)
For the vocals : 0%

Combined score : 35% rounded up.