Out now on Lion Music

‘Epicentre’, the23rd album from Lars Eric Mattsson’s career plays out something like a call to arms of all the styles he’s explored over his long career. 18 new tracks is a lot to digest but Lars’ had made the task a little easier thanks to streamlining his compositions over previous epic length excursions.   Another notable change is Mattsson handling all lead vocals himself, his vocal style whilst not amongst the best you will hear is acceptable enough and it does help stamp more personality to the album than having a hired gun.

Musically we have a gamut of styles, from the progressive metal attack of opener “Wait For The Sunrise”, “Freedom Fighters”   , a modern take on blues metal with “A New Devil” (home to a great main riff) and “No Way No Surrender”, almost 60’s psychedelia meets metal for “Land Of Dreams”, “No One Else” has a Queen like pomp to its rock attack and also harks back in some ways to Lars’ more standard rock past, there is also a strong Hendrix-ian influence to many of the tracks to these ears.

Personal favourites are the dark haunting and marauding qualities of “Cinnamon”, a tale of lost love this amalgamation of sitar, dobro guitar and bass in a 5/4 time signature is very different but also rather brilliant. Lars’ vocals also work well here, and the instrumental “Andalucia” which is home to some great melodies.

Overall “Epicentre” is a good album from Lars Eric Mattsson.  Not his best of recent years (Mattsson – Tango get’s that award) but if you like the Mattsson style which really is unlike anything else out there then this is sure to represent value for money.

Rating – 84%

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