Out now on AFM Records

Not much to say on this one.

Onslaught’s new album opens with a blast. “Chaos Is King” could have been on any of the recent Kreator albums.  “Fuel For My Fire” adds a contemporary chorus to the mix.  The oriental influences in “Children Of The Sand” offer a nice counterpoint to the very edgy riffing.  “Slaughterize” and “66Fucking6” are thrash by the numbers, as Onslaught is wont to deliver.  Fortunately “Cruci-Fiction” is more inspired.  “Dead Man Walking” and Enemy Of My Enemy” close the album without any surprises.

Production is very modern. Triggered kick drums, ultra high gain compressed buzzy guitar tones… You know the drill.

Sy Keeler was never my favourite singer in thrash, and he does little here to change my opinion.  His delivery remains bland.

A decent effort but not earth shattering by any means.

Rating – 70%
Review by Sancho

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