Released by FRW Music in North America July 16th 2013 / Europe July 26th, 2013

Chicago based doomsters Trouble are back with “The Distortion Field” and a welcome return it is too for one of my favourite bands.  Whether it be forging a new doom metal path taking its cues from Sabbath for the opening classic duo of “The Skull” or “Psalm 9”, or adding a 70’s groove edge to their 90’s works, Trouble have always been one of the most exciting metal bands out there and their influence can be heard in metal bands from Metallica to Soundgarden to Corrosion Of Conformity and beyond.

The last few years have however been of concern to fans of the band.  Since 2007’s stellar “Simple Mind Condition”, out went original vocalist Eric Wagner who was replaced by Kory Clarke (of Warrior Soul err notoriety) with the pairing being a thoroughly disjointed affair.  Fortunately another change has happened at the vocal mic with Kyle Thomas now fronting the band and his varied vocal attack suits the bands trademark riffs well.

The opening duo of “Paranoia Conspiracy” and “When The Sky Comes Down” see the band back to top form, awesome riffs, great lead interplay between Bruce Franklin and Rick Wartell (these guys should be heralded up there with the same celebration the likes of of Murray/Smith, Tipton/Downing etc get).  Whether its Franklin’s more groove inspired riffs or Wartell’s doom mongering riffs it’s a delight to hear them as fired up as they sound on “The Distortion Field”.

Throughout we get a mix of the bands early sound, the 90’s groove years and its like a complete package of what Trouble do best, “Sink Or Swim” is a gem,  whilst “Hunters Of Doom” would have fit nicely on the bands 1990 self titled classic and the psychedelic aspect of the bands doom is best exemplified on “Greying Chill Of Autumn”.  More melodic relief from the metal onslaught comes in “Have I Told You” and “Butterflies” both of which intertwine well with their heavier counterparts.

Overall Trouble have returned with a fine album which sees them delivering an album that ranks up there with the best of their back catalogue.   This is recommendation enough.

Rating – 93%


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