Originally posted in May 2007 on the old site.

Trouble, the Chicago doom merchants return with their first new studio album in over 12 years after reforming a couple of years ago after almost a decade of inactivity.  “Simple Mind Condition” marks the bands much anticipated follow up to “Plastic Green Head” and Trouble fans will be ecstatic to hear the bands classic sound as perfected over their 1990 self titled album, 1992’s ‘Manic Frustration’ and the aforementioned ‘Plastic Green Head’ is here alive and kicking.

This album has all the Trouble trademarks – superb tight grooving guitar work from Rick Wartell and Bruce Franklin (writers of some of the best riff in Metal) and the Ozzy-ish vocals of Eric Wagner.  Trouble keep the spirit of Ozzy era Black Sabbath-style Rock alive while remaining true to their spiritual roots and this is a highly enjoyable slice of riff fuelled classic rock.    Whilst maybe not quite up with the quality of work heard on their two Def American album (Trouble and Manic Frustration), Simple Mind Condition is as good as Plastic Green Head and certainly shows the bands are still viable (and as enjoyable) in the 21st century.

Simply said if you like quality song writing, great Sabbath inspired guitar and strong vocals melodies this is just the ticket.  Welcome back.

Rating – 88%


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