Out now on Regain Records
Original review published in 2003

Led by keyboard wizard Richard Andersson, Time Requiem’s self titled debut album is everything that Andersson felt Majestic were not. What we have is a dark deeply classical prog power metal release. Whilst leaning more towards Adagio than Artension, Time Requiem is pure quality from start to finish.

Complex arrangements meet head on with classy vocals from Apollo Papathanasio for such captivating melodies as on the title track and “Watching The Tower Of Skies”. Think of Andersson as the Yngwie of the keyboard world, this is packed full of his keyboard flurries but this guy has soul making great use of the pitch wheel. To hear this guy on a Yngwie album would be pure magic. In the meantime this album will satisfy and look out for a new studio album and live album over the next couple of months.

Fans of Adagio, Symphony X and Yngwie Malmsteen pick this up a.s.a.p.

Rating – 92%


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