Out now on Mascot/Provogue
Original review published in 2004

You want blues? You got them and you also have probably THE best blues album for some years (or at least since the last Bonamassa release). For the uneducated this Bonamassa is in his early 20’s yet has the vocabulary of a player that has absorbed all the blues has to offer and then turns into his own recognisable style. Forget Kenny Wayne Shepher, Johnny Lang, heck Stevie Ray Vaughan, this is the new voice in blues and boy can the kid play.

If you have a penchant for Johnny Winter, Jeff Beck (rough and ready era), the blues side of Led Zeppelin mixed with hints of Allman Brothers then Had To Cry Today is an essential purchase. Had To Cry Today sees a collection of new Bonamassa originals and covers. Opener “Never Make Your Move Too Soon” opens the album is fine style with its upbeat rocking pulse before the delta blues slide of  “Travellin South” is perfect for cruising in the car. Every track has merit yet the title track and cover of the Blind Faith track “Had To Cry Today” takes pick of the bunch. Here Bonamassa makes the song his own and the 2 solos here are so full of taste, aggression and plain exuberance that any guitar fan will lap this up.

“Had To Cry Today” is a must have purchase for anyone with a liking for blues rock guitar.

Rating – 90%


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