Out now on Mascot/Provogue
Original review published in 2005

This live recording from Joe Bonamassa, a guitarist that has the potential to be the next mega guitar hero is actually from a gig back in 2001. Recorded at Ft. Wayne, Indiana, USA this originally cropped up as a bonus DVD on a ltd edition version of Bonamassa’s “So, Its Like That” album, this has since become a collectors item (incidentally this disc will see a DVD bonus disc for a ltd edition Europe – pick it up – it smokes!).

In short “A New Day Yesterday Live” showcases Bonamassa in the live arena and not only features his immense guitar work, tone and taste, but also that of the rest of the power trio and indeed Bonamassa’s vocals. We have a mix of original and cover material (such as Jeff Beck’s “Rice Pudding”) and there is not a duff moment in sight. Album closer “Don’t Burn Down That Bridge” is the highlight with its sublime riff and blistering lead work from Joe.

Overall, this is an excellent addition to any fan of smokin’ guitar work and live energy.

Rating – 85%


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