Out now on Frontiers

Hot on the heels of Made In Japan, this is the second Whitesnake live album in six months.

Is David milking it, or does this album offer something different?

Many people, including myself, took offense to Made In Japan’s rather poor, bass heavy production.

Somebody paid attention, as this album sounds a lot more enjoyable. It’s still quite boomy, maybe Dave’s targeting the Fast And Furious crowd now? Both guitar players, as amazing as they are, could do with a few tweaks to their buzzy tone as well…

As for the track listing, there’s little to no surprises on disc one. Indeed, disc one features the exact same set-list as Made In Japan, with the solo spots replaced by some regular tracks.

Disc two offers a wider selection of tracks, but it’s nothing we haven’t heard recently. DC seems to have mostly forgotten his pre-Slide It In albums. On the one hand it’s cool to see a band include songs from the later albums into the set-list but on the other hand the old Whitesnake fans are left wanting. The Burn/Stormbringer medley could easily be replaced by some genuine old school Whitesnake tunes…

Of course the band is spot on, as one would expect from this lineup of seasoned pros. Coverdale’s voice sounds quite passable as well. I suspect some minor studio enhancements might be in play. Ahem…

If you don’t already own Made In Japan, you may want to get this one instead, because it has more songs, production is better and the performances are quite similar.

Other than that, this is one for the fans and completists.

Rating – 80%
Review by Sancho (He wouldn’t lie to you just to get in your pants)


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