Out now on Frontiers

Another live offering from Whitesnake, and whilst there is no denying the strong recent studio output one does question the seemingly endless live releases of late (and with the prospect of more to come!).

So does “Made In Japan” offer up anything different than what’s come before? Aside from new cuts from the rather good ‘Forever More’ and dedicated solo spots one has to say no unless you count the acoustic versions and rehearsal tracks on disc 2.

Other than that this is rather dispensable, Coverdale’s vocals have certainly seen MUCH better days in the upper registers, and even the band downtuning cannot mask this fact.  The album also suffers from one clusterfuck of a bottom end mix, being overly distorted and bass heavy making this rather a piss-poor listen.  Did Elsie place mics in front the PA bass bins and record that one wonders?

Disc 2’s clearer sound only goes to highlight the poor sound on disc 1 and is by far more enjoyable.

As a long time Whitesnake fan I have to say I am rather disappointed. We’d suggest you look into Whitesnake axeman Doug Aldrich’s new Burning Rain album Epic Obsession instead.

Rating – 50%

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