Released 27th May 2013 on SPV

“Anvil – The Movie” reinvigorated Anvil’s career both commercially and musically. Bigger budgets brought better production along with renewed inspiration.

New album “Hope In Hell” continues to benefit. The slow, pounding title track may be an odd choice for album opener, but things fall into place from second track “Eat Your Words” on, which hints at classics like “Motormouth”. From there on in, it’s typical Anvil fare : old school metal with plenty of manic drumming, manic guitars and Lips’ distinctive voice. “The Fight Is Never Won” sounds like another track off classic album “Forged In Fire”. Come to think of it, the entire album gives me the same chills I got when I heard FIF for the first time.

Production is up to snuff, crisp and open yet powerful.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Anvil, and their decline was painful for me to witness. It’s good to see them enjoying some much deserved popularity these days.

Their best album in many a year, no self respecting metalhead should be without.

Rating – 92%
Review by Sancho


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