Released 24 May 2013 on SPV / Steamhammer

After the unpleasant taste left in the mouth by Axel Rudi Pell’s latest live offering , Fair Warning deliver the perfect teutonic tonic.  Hopefully this band should need no introduction to our readers, classy melodic hard rock performed by truly great musicians in Tommy Heart (vocals), Helge Engelke (guitar), Ule Ritgen (bass) and CC Behrens (drums).  Sundancer marks the bands 11th album and once again yields high dividends in the songwriting department.

Tommy Heart is a wonderful vocalist, powerful with great melody  and pitch whilst guitarist Helge Engelke’s  guitar work with is A1 as ever, the guy knows how to utilise a variety of amps and guitars to build textures within tracks and his fluid lead work is as awe-inspiring as ever – think a rockier Uli Jon Roth.  Bassist Ule Ritgen (formely of Roth’s Electric Sun) is again his busy yet solid self and it’s a delight to hear his flowing bass lines combins with CC Behrens hard hitting style.

Highlights come from most tracks but the punchy opener “Troubled Love”, “Jealous Heart” and the anthemic “Living On The Street” all combine soaring melodies with punchy riffs and commercial hooks.

Well produced (as ever) with good artwork  (a nod to the bands classic Rainmaker album), Sundancer sees the band get close to the quarter of a century mark with fine apblomb.  If you haven’t heard this band before this is as good a place to start as any.

Rating – 89%


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