Out now on Frontiers

Ever since quitting Skid Row (I thought they sacked him? – Ed), Seb’s career has been a bit shaky. His last two solo albums were rather decent though. Almost inevitably we are now treated to a live album.

Much like Paul Dianno, Bach mostly relies on material from his former band’s first two albums to form the core of his live set. Unlike Dianno, he has surrounded himself with top notch musicians.

Bach’s voice has held up quite well, all things considered. No surprises in the set selection with the big Skid Row hits represented and the odd solo track thrown in for good measure. Nick Sterling (no longer in the band by now) impresses with some very nice guitar work.

Production is excellent but for some reason not consistent. Some tunes sound a lot less live than others.

For your money, you get two concerts in a 2CD/DVD package. Obviously there’s plenty of overlap between the sets, with only a couple of songs different between the gigs.

Not indispensable, but very entertaining.

Rating – 82%
Review by Quicksand Sancho


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