Like plenty of bands before them, Stryper have done an album of re-recorded classics. The same question applies that applies for all of them : why?

Especially when the new versions stay so faithful to the originals you can barely tell the difference… It has to be a matter of rights and royalties I guess.

If you’re new to Stryper, you will want to check this album out. There’s rock solid versions of some of their best songs with a consistently good production. The only sign of the times is some very minor rough spots in Michael Sweet’s vocal delivery. For some tunes, this actually works better than the too smooth performance on the original versions.

There’s also two new songs. They’re decent, a mix between classic Stryper and the better moments on Reborn, but you won’t be buying the album for these two tracks.

In conclusion, this is an enjoyable album, but the final score depends a bit on your outlook. If these were all new songs, this album would rate a score of 95. Deduct points at will for the lack of new material.

Review by Sancho.


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