Out now on Payola Records

The World Is Yours marks the third release from The Union, a band based around guitarist Luke Morley (Thunder) and vocalist Peter Shoulder (Winterville).  As a massive Thunder fan I must admit I’ve always wanted to like this band, and whilst the songs have by no means been duffers I’ve always had a hard time truly getting into them.

That said I went into listening to this record with positive hopes and fortunately I have been rewarded.  Trying not to think of Thunder is probably the best way to approach this, and whilst Morley’s trademark song craft and guitar work is always going to offer up nods to his past, (“What Doesn’t Kill You” and “This Is A London Song” especially) The World Is Your certainly sees this listener hearing a future for an outfit now forging their own sound.

Granted Morley’s influences often permeate through certain riffs and melodies, for example the delightful Zeppelin style acoustic/electric  title track and the classic Tom Petty airy breeze of “Tonight I’m Alive” may not show a individual style but these are still good songs pure and simple.

Elsewhere t the likes of “You’re My Jesus”, “The Perfect Crime”, “Tangled Up In You” and the acoustic lull of “Lost To The Wind” are very good modern classic rock.  Essentially this is about good songs, no excess instrument flash but mature writing with a clear idea of direction.  And it certainly packs a bigger bang than Thunder’s last effort.

Overall, the difficult third album proves no stumbling block and I look forward to album number.

Fans of classic rock check it out.

Rating – 86%


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