Released 22nd February 2013 on AFM Records

After two albums of 70s inspired hard rock with more than a little hint of Purple (and the major Purple descendants), Voodoo Circle have decided the time has come to update their sound.  Update meaning, in this instance, pull it into the 80s…

As opening track “Graveyard City” demonstrates, Whitesnake’s eponymous USA breakthrough album was a major inspiration this time around.  The trend continues with “Tears In The Rain”, where David Readman makes a even more concerted effort to emulate Coverdale.  “Heart Of Babylon” starts off with a whiff of Rainbow but the Snake soon takes over, whereas “Cry For Love” is a fairly generic power ballad.  “Alissa” is another subdued track that relies mostly on its groove. Not a highlight of the album.

“The Ghost In Your Heart”, yet another slower song, is fortunately followed by some more uptempo fare. “Bane Of My Existence” is classic Voodoo Circle while “The Killer In You” is another nod to the good year 1987.  Upon hearing the title track, you would be forgiven for picturing skanky redheads rolling lasciviously on Jags.

“The Saint And The Sinner”. Hmm, subtle…

“Victim Of Love” is a bit bland but album closer “Open Your Eyes” ends the album on a high with guitars and keys engaging in a Blackmore/Lord type of confrontation.

Axeman Alex Beyrodt toggles between Sykes and Blackmore throughout. He pulls off both with equal panache even if he can’t really match the frenetic onslaught that was Sykes in his heyday.  The keyboard sounds have evolved from the Hammond stylings of the first albums to the more stringy sounds that typified 80s radio rock.

A minor departure from their earlier sound but another highly enjoyable album from this German retro combo.

Rating – 87% (what else?)
Review by the ever ready an’ willing Sancho

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