Out now on SPV/Steamhammer

Kamelot have always been one of the better symphonic prog bands with classics album like ‘Karma’ and ‘The Black Halo’ always seen as benchmarks for the genre, yet to these ears the band were on the wane for the last few years.  2012 saw some big changes in the band with lead vocalist Khan leaving.  Now when one of the world’s most praised metal vocalist leave’s your band it can sometimes lead to problems, not so for Kamelot as they have enlisted the glorious pipes of one Tommy Karevik who previously (and we are led to believe will continue to do so) came through the ranks with Swedish prog metal and V1 faves Seventh Wonder.

‘Silverthorn’ as such as peaked my interest in the band and I’m pleased to report this is the most I’ve enjoyed a Kamelot album in sometime.

The whole band sounds reinvigorated by Karevik’s arrival with guitarist Thomas Youngblood in particularly fine form.  Those that know Karevik from his work in Seventh Wonder might be a little surprised by his lower timbre performances on many of the tracks yet he also delivers the more associated higher pitch stuff as flawlessly as ever on ‘Song For Jolee’. Just view it as another string added to his bow.

Elsehwere there is plenty to enjoy in the likes of single ‘Sacrimony (Angel Of Afterlife)’, the dark pulsating groove of ‘Veritas’ and the atmospheric title-track.  Given many of the tracks are more streamlined than those heard on previous album makes ‘Silverthorn’ a more immediate release and one that is likely to appease fans both new and old.

Production is pretty much flawless, dark and powerful and another fine sonic statement from producer Sascha Paeth (Avantasia, Edguy, Rhapsody).

Overall ‘Silverthorn’ marks a very strong return to action by a band that has cleared the lead vocalist change hurdle with ease.  Good stuff.

Rating – 88%


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