Released 25 January 2013 on Frontiers

Is there life after Whitesnake? There might be for Micky Moody and Neil Murray.

After an earlier attempt with Company Of Snakes, that didn’t quite deliver the goods, the former Snakes have regrouped as Snakecharmer. Musically there’s no surprises. Bluesy hard rock. So far so good. Where Company Of Snakes mostly failed because of the wimpy vocals, Chris Ousey does a better job, even if he’s no Coverdale. His voice does have a hint of Glenn Hughes to it, thankfully without the latter’s exaggerated histrionics. The band does a professional job and the songs are well crafted and quite catchy. Take “To The Rescue” for example, or the equally strong “Turn Of The Screw”.

While overall the production is solid, the buzzy guitar sound is particularly grating for this style of music. Murray’s trademark bass sits quite prominently in the mix.

Micky Moody and Laurie Wisefield do a great job on guitars, but does that come as a surprise to anyone?

Quite enjoyable if not spectacular by any means. As much as I like the current incarnation of Whitesnake, I can’t help but wonder what a reunion with Moody and a return to the old sound would bring. The songwriting on this album is actually stronger than it was on the latest Whitesnake albums.

Rating – 85%
Review by Sancho (he would lie to you, just to get in your pants).


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