Out now on Iron Fist records

India is becoming a breeding ground for killer metal bands. The country’s biggest band, Kryptos, blew me away with this year’s The Coils Of Apollyon. Hot on their heels is Bangalore’s Bevar Sea.

After a couple of live demos, the lads now present their first full length CD. Full length, yes, because with only four songs, the album clocks in at 43 minutes. 43 minutes of top notch doom, I might add. No, not the keyboard drenched new wave that passes for doom with 15 year old girls. Think Black Sabbath, Pentagram, early Trouble.

Album opener The Smiler is a statement of intent. From the Iommi stylings of the riffs, through the wailing lead guitars, it’s a slow sledgehammer to the nuts.  It’s second track Abishtu though, that may help the band reach a larger audience. What a scorcher!  Universal Sleeper crushes. 17 minute album closer Mono Gnome could easily outstay its welcome but is so well crafted the end comes as a surprise.

The album was mixed and mastered by Billy Anderson, who has High On Fire and Sleep on his CV, among others. Unsurprisingly, the sound is excellent.

Singer Ganesh Krishnaswamy has a distinctive voice. He snarls, sings and grunts his way through the tracks like a man possessed, backed by a blazing band.

An amazing debut that makes me curious what other treasures India has in store for us.

Rating 94%
Review by ‘making the bastards pay” Sancho



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