Released 26th November 2012 on SPV/Steamhammer

Vicious Rumors hit the ground running with their debut album “Soldiers Of The Night”.  Follow up “Digital Dictator” received high critical praise as well, but somehow the band never connected with the masses.  Then the nineties hit and, like so many, Vicious Rumors were consigned to the underground.  Several albums followed with an ever changing lineup, some quite good, some rather mediocre.

“Live You To Death” demonstrates where Vicious Rumors stand today. Tight, professional and driven the band delivers a set of old school power metal (not the fairy variety of the 21st century), larded with blistering twin guitars and vocal histrionics. With a focus on the earlier material, the band takes no prisoners

The scorching rendition of opening tracks “Digital Dictator” and “Minute To Kill” puts most bands to shame.  Newer tracks like “Murderball” or “Let The Garden Burn” fit seamlessly though, testifying that the band doesn’t need to rely on former glories.

The inclusion of “Soldiers Of The Night” was a pleasant surprise, as this album seems to be somewhat overlooked in the Vicious Rumors discography, not helped by Vinnie Moore’s criticism no doubt.

Current singer Brian Allen is a perfect foil for the material, and a welcome step up after the almost obligatory James Rivera years.

Production is excellent, edgy and crisp, even if the guitar tones sound a bit over processed.

The album ends with studio recordings of a couple of covers : Sabbath’s “Sign Of The Southern Cross” and Priest’s “Running Wild”. While both are fine takes on the material, I would have preferred some more original live material.  Unavoidably, tackling these tracks will expose any limitations your singer has…

Support real metal, buy this album!

Rating – 90%
Review by Sancho


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