Out now on Frontiers

Kix were a blip on the radar of the 80s metal scene. They scored some minor successes in the States but went largely unnoticed in Europe.

This live registration of the reunited Kix goes a long way to demonstrate why Kix never made it really big. While everything is adequately performed, most of the songs don’t surpass the pedestrian. Like a mix of Aerosmith and AC/DC (they should pay the Young brothers for the riff to “Midnite Dynamite”) rejects.

“Atomic Bombs” is a nice exception. A rare point of light in the suffocating darkness.  “Blow My Fuse” and “Kix Are For Kids”, the two “hits” of the band, stand out as well and do a lot toward saving this album from a failing grade.

“Lie Like A Rug”, “Girl Money”, …are they fucking kidding me? Belgian bar bands would be ashamed of trite shit like this… And WTF is “Yeah Yeah Yeah”???

Obligatory big ballad “Don’t Close Your Eyes” achieves nothing, other than prove what a lousy singer Steve Whiteman is.

Production could have been a lot better. The keyboards sit awkward in the mix, the guitars sound brittle.

If you were a fan back in the day, this might be an enjoyable live album. But for the rest of us, it just confirms why Kix were, in the end, also rans.

Rating – 50%
Review by Sancho


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