Out now on Alnico Records

Now here is something for fans of melodic guitar instrumentals to get excited about and an album to just pass our attention despite being released in 2009. German guitarist Abi von Reininghaus is somewhat of a tone guru favouring vintage amps and guitars, and as just a cursory listen reveals also old school guitar sensibilities i.e. a firm grasp on a decent melody, more than a cursory nod to the subtle art of dynamics (a skill all too often lost on the modern hyper gain generation of today) and also a skill of managing to write interesting compositions across a variety of genres.

King Of Heart proves that Abi is, like fellow countryman Thomas Blug, a player of fine calibre and proves there is life beyond the over satchuration (sic) of Satriani, Vai, Johnson etc that guitar media worldwide would have us believe is all that’s out there in the instrumental field.

Onto the music leads us in a rich bag of genres from the melodic gems of “Seven Friends”, “Remember Me”, “Pacific Coast Highway” to fine acoustic compositions “Clara’s Lullaby” and “The Wedding” to fusion inspired rock of “Pacific Coast Highway” and the stunt guitarwork found in “Captain Locrian’s Revenge” and much more.  All is exceptionally well played with great tone, clean execution, good intonation and solid vibrato, Abi is what you would call a players player and someone all musicians out there will get a kick of out listening to.

So all in all this is a fine offering at the lighter end of the guitar instrumental spectrum and one worth checking out.

Rating – 86%

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