Released 21st September 2012 on Frontiers Records

After the excellent “Lightning Strikes Again”, my hopes were high for this follow up album.

With no changes in the line up, except for the bass player, we can actually think of Dokken as a band again. A band that has delivered with gusto, I might add.

Sure, the overall tempo is slower than I’d like; I found myself waiting for another fiery rocker after opening track “Empire” and not getting one until “For The Last Time”. Jon Levin’s excellent guitar playing (we’re hearing more of his own style rather than last albums Lynch cloning) and Don’s vocals make up for a lot though. Yes, Don’s vocals. He’s not straining for notes he simply can’t reach. He’ll probably be able to do these tunes live…

Add in the fine production job (All the budget was obviously spent here judging by the cover art – Editor) and what you get is, apart from the sluggish tempo, quite a good album from Don and the boys. A couple more fast tracks would have added several points to the score though.

Rating – 87%
Review by Sancho The Hunter


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