Released 3rd October 2012 on Inner Wound Records

Obsession are probably best remembered for providing the world with Mike Vescera who went on to some acclaim in Loudness and Yngwie’s band. A shame, as Obsession have always been an excellent metal band in their own right.  Their original run of 80s albums was as good as US metal gets, and the first reunion album, 2004’s criminally overlooked “Carnival Of Lies” confirmed their credentials.

This new offering doesn’t serve up any surprises. Expertly crafted old school American Metal is the name of the game. Even with what is basically a totally new line up centered around Vescera, the classic Obsession sound is maintained. Solid metal tunes with lead guitars galore, topped off with Vescera’s fairly recognisable voice.

Will this be enough to secure a foothold in today’s gimmick driven metal scene? Doubtful, alas…  If you’re into metal for the music and not just because you like to dress up as a pirate, you will want to check this one out!

Rating – 93%
Review by Sancho


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