Released 3rd September 2012 on AFM Records

It’s only taken Helstar 30 years to get around to their first officially sanctioned live album. Even taking into account a hiatus in the 90s, that’s a long time.

Helstar is basically defined by James Rivera’s voice. James has been very much in demand, offering his characteristic voice (and off pitch squeals) to a variety of bands. Nowhere does he sound at home like he does in his own band though.

Helstar has always stood for solid American heavy metal. There’s the usual Priest and Maiden influences but Helstar have always managed to put their own stamp on their sound.  The material sounds quite live and undoctored. There’s the odd bum note or sloppy break to further prove we’re not just listening to the studio versions with added applause.

The song selection covers all of Helstar’s discography. If you’re still craving more metal after this 2CD/DVD live set, you can rightfully claim to be a metalhead.

The band is tight, the setlist is as varied as one can expect and production is raw and in your face. Add the DVD and this becomes a very tempting package for both fans and people curious about Helstar.

Rating – 84%
Review by Sancho


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