Released 21 September 2012 on AFM Records

India is developing a thriving underground metal scene. Amongst the better bands there’s up and comers Bevar Sea who ply their doomy trade and are definitely a name to watch.

Kryptos is an established name in the scene. They sail a more traditional old school heavy metal course and do so remarkably well. Influences range from NWOBHM (Iron Maiden in particular) over thrash to the occasional hint of Celtic Frost, especially in the gruff vocals. Epic at times, melodic at others and always heavy, Kryptos is a very pleasant discovery.

Check the groovy “Serpent Mage”, album opener “The Mask Of Anubis” or “Starfall” to get an idea of what this band stands for.

Kryptos offers what a lot of European bands lack : attitude. Metal isn’t about wearing the right T-shirt, it’s about the riff, about the music.  Production is simple but effective. Every instrument sits well in the mix.  Lead guitarist Rohit Chaturvedi is rather openly influenced by Dave Murray, which can only be a good thing. Don’t expect high pitched squealy vocals. This is no girly power metal. The vocals are where the thrash influences are most obvious.

An excellent album. I’m looking forward to hearing more music from that part of the world.

Rating – 92%
Review by Sancho


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