Released 24 August 2012 on Frontiers

Eclipse’s debut album “Are You Ready To Rock” was a joyous mix of melody, guitars and fun.

On the follow-up “Bleed And Scream” they seem to have matured a bit. No need for panic, they haven’t gone all Lynch Mob on us and replaced tempo and shreddy guitars with plodding grooves.  No sir! Fast paced tracks with plenty of guitar breaks are still the order of the day. But overall the songs seem a bit more balanced, more polished.

If you like melodic hard rock with a metallic edge, look no further. It’s impossible to designate stand out tracks, as the overall level is consistently high. These guys don’t seem to get a lot of attention (a decent website would probably help), but they are easily one of the best European melodic hard rock bands out there.

Rating – 90%
Review by Sancho


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