Released 29 June 2012 on Frontiers

Million Dollar Reload is a band from Belfast. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear Belfast is an L.A. suburb. They are a bit of a departure from Frontiers’ usual AOR/Prog minded releases,

A throwback to the heady days of the late 80s and early 90s, MDR deliver a sleazy brand of rock that’s reminiscent of such illustrious forebears as Junkyard, Sleeze Beez or GnR. With a sniff of AC/DC thrown in for good measure.

It would be easy to draw parallels with the burgeoning Swedish glam scene, but it would also be wrong. Whereas the Swedish crowd seems more concerned with style over substance, MDR capture the defiant sneer and in your face attitude of the best bands of the era. They’re also hard rock rather than sleazy punk, which is always a bonus. And they even have a more than competent guitar duo to boot!

Songs like “Blow Me Away”, “Wicked” or “Headrush” all rock like mofos. More importantly, there’s really no weak spots on the album. They even pull off a quite respectable ballad by way of “Broken”.

This album will take you back to the glory days of Headbanger’s Ball, videoclips with nubile ladies cavorting on cars and barechested singers belting it out in B/W slo-mo in the pouring rain.

Bring out the Jack, hard rock is back!

Rating – 89%
Review by Sancho


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