Out now on Frontiers

By now, a new Jorn release usually doesn’t hold much surprise. Jorn’s Coverdale cum Dio vocal stylings, underpinned by solid heavy rock, are dependable and solid, but sometimes let down by pedestrian songwriting.

On this new album the songwriting issue seems to have been tackled. There’s more attention to melody and less emphasis on downtuned plodding riffing. Even epic tunes like “A Thousand Cuts” manage to hold the listener’s attention for the duration, especially as they’re balanced by more uptempo fare such as “Chains Around You” or “Ride To The Guns”. Christopher Cross’ “Ride Like The Wind” is a bit superfluous, even if Jorn’s rendition steers closer to Saxon’s cover of the tune than it does the original.

Surprises? Hardly. Dio, Thin Lizzy and Whitesnake are the trusted ingredients in the mix. This time around, there seems to be more inspiration added in than on previous albums though.

Rating – 87%
Review by Sancho


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