Out now on Frontiers

Third strike from progressive metallers Circus Maximus. Five years since their sophomore effort “Isolate” the band have toured extensively and honed their song craft for “Nine” is the bands best work to date. 

Possessing all the positive elements of the genre; Circus Maximus boast superb musicianship within captivating songs.   Vocalist Michael Eriksen is a fine singer whilst guitarist Mats Haugen peels off powerful riffs and fluid solos with considerable ease.  Backing this up is a rock tight rhythm unit of Truls Haugen (drums) and Glen Cato Møllen  (bass) all topped off with lush keyboard orchestrations from Lasse Finbråten.

Highlights are plentiful but the ten minute opening gambit “Architect of Fortune” and the pounding assault of “Used” are the pick of the bunch to these ears.  Elsewhere it’s all good stuff and come the end of year I’d be surprised if this isn’t being considered in the top 5 of 2012’s prog metal releases.

Overall very good stuff and worthy of your hard earned money.

Rating – 90%


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