Out now on SPV/Steamhammer

Malice never made the big time (You’ve obviously never seen the 1988 Fred Savage film Vice Versa – Educated Editor). Even if their Judas Priest meets Ratt hybrid form of metal was quite enjoyable on both of their albums. Like so many of their contemporaries they’re back. And like so many, they now have the ubiquitous James Rivera on vocals. Unfortunately in the process Malice have lost a lot of their own identity.

What’s left is pretty generic US Metal with a very strong Priest influence. You’d be forgiven for thinking you were listening to outtakes of the Painkiller sessions. Or Helstar, for that matter.

Rivera isn’t a bad singer, but he is a one trick pony. And the trick gets old after a couple of tracks.

What’s left is good enough heavy metal. The musicianship is beyond reproach and there are plenty of decent songs. But I can’t help thinking it could have been so much better…

Rating – 77%
Review by Sancho


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