Released 18 June 2012 on SPV/Steamhammer

The 80’s metal starlet returns but has the world really missed Ms Ford?

Downtuned. That’s not a promising start. Add to that the modernistic riffing that obviously goes hand in hand with the tuning.

Hmm… There’s a couple of decent vocal lines and even a couple of cool song ideas. Ideas mind you, not songs. But overall this album breathes midlife crisis. Lita’s trying to be hip with the kids and manages to sound dated in the process. Rob Zombie ultra-lite. “The Mask” is a particularly dire example. The faux-seventies stylings of the title track are even worse.

I wonder if Zakk Wylde knows Lita stole his guitar for “Devil In My Head”. Which is, by the way, the best track on the album.

Never has a title been more accurate than album closer “A Song To Slit Your Wrists By”.

This album actually pissed me off before I was at the halfway mark.  Very poor.

Rating – 25%
Review by Sancho


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