Released 18 May 2012 on Frontiers

Great White without Jack Russell? Doesn’t sound quite right, now does it? Apparently, Jack now has his own version of the band going… Other than Russell, the classic Great White lineup is present and accounted for. The vocal slot is filled by Terry Ilous, formerly of XYZ.

Opening track “Something For You” delivers a statement of intent : Great White’s trademark blues ‘n’ boogie take on hard rock sounds quite familiar. There are similarities between Ilous’ voice and Russell’s, but overall the new guy remains his own man.

If you enjoyed Great White in the eighties, you’ll enjoy this new album. Check “Love Train”, the acoustic “Hard To Say Goodbye” or “Just For Tonight” for proof. Mark Kendall always was a tasty player, choosing phrasing over chops. Nothing has changed there. Concise and to the point, the guitar leads won’t turn heads but fit the songs like a glove.

I was sceptical but, much like Giant, Great White have managed to replace their singer without losing their identity. A shame there’s not a couple of stand out tracks like they used to have…

Rating – 83%
Review by Sancho.


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