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Third strike from the UK traditional metallers, and with “World Under Fire” Vendetta continue the good work heard on their previous two efforts and once again come equipped with great artwork courtesy of the bands very own Pete Thompson.

My initial thoughts where that “World Under Fire” was perhaps lacking a little of the tempo of its predecessor, subsequent spins reveal that whilst this is true it’s a move that yields a more complete package and shows stronger song craft in favour of faster tempos.

From the opening 1-2 punch of “Halo In Black” and “Machtpolitik” it’s obvious the dual guitar tag team of Edward Box and Pete Thompson are the six string equivalent of Demba Ba and Papiss Cisse (one for the NUFC fans) and firing on all cylinders, whilst Gary Foalle and Lee Lamb are the tight unit this genre requires.    Edward Box’s dual role as lead vocalist also sees further strides with his voice full of confident swagger, special note must go to his strong lyric writing as well.

Highlights are plentiful – “Veil Of Empathy” has a classic Dokken style swagger to it and a nice blend between light and shade, some great riffing in this one and a glorious swooping melody line on the bridge and chorus.  “Lords Of Chaos” is an angry beast with a nice double bass drum inflection on the chorus from Lee Lamb.  “Fragmented Reality” is about as fast as the album gets and is a nice high speed romp which probably benefits from not having to compete with other tracks of similar speed.

My personal favourite is the strident 80’s melodic power metal (the Fifth Angel/Metal Church kind) feel of “The Ghost Inside” which again contrasts melody with power, a contender for riff of the year right here too.    The 7 minute epic “All Your Setting Suns” delivers something new from the band and is another success, multi-dimensional its good to hear the band laying back on the beat, so many would feel the urge to speed it up and ruin the overall effect and its builds nicely and comes complete with some great dual twin lead work.  “We Are Legion” sees the album out at a fair tempo and sees the album out with a strong kick.

Third albums are often more difficult than the perceived “difficult second album”.  Edward Box concedes that this album wasn’t without its problems in the creation process, yet the final product is one that sees a more mature sound from Vendetta and all things considered it might just be the best of the lot yet from the band.

Rating – 93%


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