Released 23 April 2012 on SPV/Steamhammer

Riding on the wings of the continuing saga of Anvil’s new found popularity, SPV has seen fit to reissue some of Anvil’s 90s albums.

Package one sees the combination of Plugged In Permanent and Absolutely No Alternative. These albums were released during the darkest days of the anti-metal backlash that scoured the 90s. And it shows. Both albums are gritty, quite dark and angry for Anvil standards. Unfortunately, there’s too much emphasis on rage and not enough on songs.

The second edition combines Speed Of Sound with Plenty Of Power. By now, the turning of the century, metal was on the up again. Both albums are more reminiscent of classic Anvil than either of their predecessors. There’s more catchy choruses and a generally more upbeat feeling.

Anvil have never wavered, but these reissues do show they occasionally dropped the ball.

PIP/ANA : 70
SOS/POP : 85

Review by Sancho 


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