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After their excellent comeback album “Blood Of Nations”, every metal fan has to be curious to see if Accept can keep the momentum going with the follow up, sensibly titled “Stalingrad”. Ahem.

Whereas “Blood Of Nations” was a bit long, at 15 or so songs, “Stalingrad” clocks in at a sensible 47 minutes spread over 10 tracks. There’s very little to criticize about the songwriting. Solid Teutonic metal fare. Unfortunately, none of the quirkier moments that graced albums like “Metal Heart” or “Russian Roulette”. The title track sums up 21st century Accept and indeed this entire album. Overall it’s a well paced album, with fast tracks like the fiery “Flash To Bang Time” or “Revolution” balancing the more epic fare like opener “Hung Drawn And Quartered” or album closer “The Galley”. The melodic second half of “Hellfire” is a pleasant touch.

The band’s performance is obviously beyond reproach, and overall production is quite good. Except for the artificial guitar tones. Cheap, almost. Apparently, this album is a showcase for the Kemper Profiling Amp. Don’t quit your day job, guys…Is it me, or does Mark Tornillo sound more like Udo than he did before?

“Stalingrad” confirms Accept as leaders of the European metal scene.

Rating – 87%
Review by Sancho


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