Released 26th March 2012 on SPV/Steamhammer

Mad Max’ original run in the eighties culminated in the album “Night Of Passion”, a decent slab of melodic hard rock. “Night Of White Rock” was a good comeback, but its successors were less than impressive, doubtless not helped by the fact bandleader Michael Voss is spreading himself rather thin of late. Verily, not a melodic rock project seems to go by without him offering his services.

The mission brief seems obvious : with a title like “Another Night Of Passion” the band are aiming to follow up their most acclaimed album.

I’ve been fairly critical of Voss of late, as his meddlings have done more bad than good on several occasions. But… this is an enjoyable album. Seems like Voss is keeping the best tunes for his own band. “40 Rock” or “Fever Of Love” for instance would probably have had a good chance at airplay in happier times. “The Chant” is another stand out track.

Not every song is killer though. “Black Swan”, much like the movie of the same name, does not live up to expectations… There’s plenty of cool riffing but a bit of extra lead guitar flash would have been more period correct.

After Vengeance, the second band this year to surprise me with a solid album.

Rating – 83%
Review by Sancho 


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