Out now on Lion Music

French progressive metallers return after a 7 year absence with 3 new members (including new vocalist Gus Monsanto (ex Adagio) and “Perspectives” shows the time away has been well spent.

The bands last offering “7 Deadly Songs” was a good body of work, yet one that lacked a decent production.  “Perspectives” continues down a similar path yet comes aided by a better sound.   Monsanto fits well into the bands take on prog metal and the album has enough of an original edge to maintain the interest of even the genres most hardened cynic.

Fusing strong guitar parts with a massive amount of melody from both vocals and keyboards this is a rich music tapestry.  Special mention must go to the drum work of Marco Talevi who manages to balance the fine line of groove with technical proficiency.   Laurent James is also no slouch in the guitar stakes, although his guitar tone is a little lifeless.

Stand out tracks are opening number “Imago”,  the riff-tastic “Warmth In The Wilderness” which fuses strong guitar riffs with great keyboard work and the 8 minute “Raindrops On My Wings” which sees great musical interplay from the whole band.

“Perspectives” is by no means an immediate album, it does take repeated spins to reveal its true depths and make sense but given time it’s a very strong offering indeed.  Welcome back Lord of Mushrooms.

Rating – 90%


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