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Debut solo album from the former Rainbow/Malmsteen vocalist, quite surprising given he’s been on the scene the best part of two decades.  “As Yet Untitled” see Doogie sticking firmly to his Rainbow roots as this is classic hard rock with a dark Rainbow style vibe for the most part yet not quite up to the quality of Blackmore penned tunes.  Its also perhaps a little less interesting that the very good albums he put out with Cornerstone .  But if you like any of the acts mentioned thus far then you will get a kick out of this.

Backed by a very capable supporting staff of Patrick Johansson (Yngwie Malmsteen, drums), Thomas Broman (Glenn Hughes, drums), Derek Sherinian (Black Country Communion, keyboards), Tony Carey (ex-Rainbow, keyboards), Neil Murray (ex-Whitesnake, bass), Greg Smith (Ted Nugent, bass), Paul Logue (Eden’s Curse, bass), Pontus Norgren (Hammerfall, guitar), Marcus Jidell (Royal Hunt, guitar) and Mick Tucker (Tank, guitar) its good to see Mr White friend’s from his various musical acts over the years contributing.

Opener “Come Taste The Band” sets the scene well, rocking yet quite simplistic in its outlook .  “Dreams Lie Down & Die” is Rainbow through and through but could be argued missing the final magic Blackmore would inject.  “Lonely” is one of the albums more ‘in-yer-face’ numbers and kicks more ass than an angry mule .  From here on it’s a case of likeable enough material that never gets too exciting until closing number “Times Like These” which is a bit of a corker pure and simple.

Doogie’s voice in fine fettle throughout, he’s one of the more distinctive vocalists out there and in a good way.  “As Yet Untitled” is a solid album pure and simple but one that does lack some excitement in places.

Now if only Yngwie could ditch Ripper…..

Rating – 83%


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