Out now on Lion Music

Second reissue CP reissue from Lion Music in a run that sees parts 1 to 4 get a remaster  + bonus tracks reissue.  As with all albums in the series, Consortium Project is a prog power metal delight led by the leather lungs of Ian Parry (Elegy).  Backed by an all star cast including members of Vanden Plas, Kamelot and Elegy this is again good quality stuff not a million miles away from the sound heard on CP1 ‘Criminals & Kings’.

If you like your metal bombastic and epic this is definitely for you.  Stand out cuts come in the likes of the opening title track, the absolutely crushing “The Catalyst” which marrys massive riffs, lush keyboard orchestrations and a healthy dose of melody from Parry.  Yet the albums piece-de-resistance is the progressive treat that is “Lapse Of Reason” which sees melody to the fore over great chord changes and its reason enough to buy the album.

Continuum In Extremis offers up another slice of high quality metal and if you’ve yet to check out the band this is as good a place as any to start.

Rating – 90%


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