Out now on SPV/ Steamhammer

By now, everybody knows Anvil’s story. If not, you need to urgently check out the movie about their career. An eyeopener.  The End Records/SPV has seen fit to reissue a couple of earlier Anvil albums. Let’s just hope the band sees some revenue out of it.

1987’s “Strength Of Steel” is the logical follow up to the classic “Forged In Fire”. Unfortunately the four year wait between albums (1985 compilation “Backwaxed” really did the band more harm than good) had lost them most of their momentum. The album isn’t to blame though. Solid metal, Anvil style.  It’s the same story for 1988’s “Pound For Pound”. A good album that yet again failed to set the world on fire. By the time of 1992’s “Worth The Weight” the rot was starting to set in. A move from Metal Blade to Mausoleum can not bode well.  No, there’s still not much wrong with the music. Production values are starting to slip though.  By this time however, Anvil’s star had waned. They’d find it impossible to reconnect with the subtop of the metal scene, even with the support of the Massacre label for their next albums.

These reissues offer a good opportunity to get acquainted with the lesser known albums of Anvil’s back catalogue.

Listen And Learn!

Strength Of Steel : 85%
Pound For Pound : 85%
Worth The Weight : 83

Review by Sancho



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